about Jay

From Basketball Player to Father and Businessman

Jay's competitiveness on the basketball court is the stuff of sports legend and it's equally evident in his two-decade business career with companies such as Nike and Converse.  Jay is affiliated with basketball companies that range from exciting startup to leaders in the field.

Jay has over 20 years of sporting goods experience, including six years with Converse as Sport Marking Manager and six years with Nike as Senior Team Sports Representative.  Today Jay is a sales representative for Horner Sports Flooring and a Radio Basketball Expert for 97.1 The Fan.


Prior to his work he excited people with talent, toughness and an ability to over-achieve despite his small size. Jay was the leader in career-scoring for Ohio High School boys basketball with 2,958 points (an average of 32.9 per game) for over 20 years. After breaking the all-time scoring record in 1985, Jay went on to star for Ohio State where he became team captain and 1st team all Big-Ten his senior year. He then had a successful professional career, signing with the Houston Rockets, playing in the CBA and overseas.

"I've worked with and known Jay for years, we have done a number of ventures together; he has always been an upfront and honest person. When I think of Jay Burson I think of one word dependable, when he says he's going to do something it's a done deal."

- Ron Stokes, Three Leaf Productions